Astra’s new products catalog

Astra has a long line of products, with more than 5.000 itens for different moments of the construction process. All these products are condensed in one catalog, that can be consulted by all clients that look for quality items to have in their homes.

Thinking about the quality of the material and the relevance of the information, we restructured our catalog and developed the material based on a new design concept that attends better the needs of the customers.

The whole material uses icons and colors to make it more visual and informative, and it comes in a new format, all divided in individual modulus, organized in 12 product families:

Toilet seats

Flush systems



Mirrors, cabinets and vanities

Building accessories

Electric showers

Electric line

Complementary products for the bathroom

Bathroom accessories

Stainless steel accessories

Aluminum doors and windows


Click here to download Astra’s new Products Catalog.

seta Topo


seta Topo